Tigers Jaw | Distress Signal

"I don’t wanna be lost like this anymore."

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If this is how you folks make art, its fucking depressing

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"Walking" by Adventures

This morning I woke up
to the sound of my insides aching 

it’s become the usual 
On my way home
i’ll take some extra laps around the block 

Sometimes I don’t
even feel the cold 

Looking for somewhere to throw my stones 
Sometimes I don’t even feel the cold 

Tonight I will lay down
with a heavier heart than
I have ever experienced 

But I think that
if it can take a feather off of yours
I can learn to be happy 

Or be something.
Sometimes I don’t even feel the cold.

Sometimes I pray that you might know 
I know I don’t. 
I only know what it’s starting to look and feel like again.
I’ll always spend these nights alone 

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feelin real nervous/worried lately hope that stops soon

"I think there comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life."

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